If you are staying in London in a rented property for a long time, you must have aware of the end of the tenancy cleaning clause. As per the clause, the tenants are under a legal obligation to leave the property in a clean condition in the way the property was when they moved in.

When any new tenant moves into a property, landlords usually provide them a written inventory clearly stating all those things which are provided to the tenant and in which condition. For instance, if the landlord is providing clean carpets in a living room, then tenants are under obligation to clean it before leaving the property. However, it is solely the decision of tenants whether they clean the property themselves or hire any end of tenancy cleaning company in London for cleaning the property; Landlords have no right to interfere in their decision or to compel them to hire any professional company. For tenants, it is necessary to oblige with the clause if they want their full deposit back.

What Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Include?

The end of tenancy cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of the house so that every nook and corner looks neat and clean. If a tenant hires end of tenancy cleaning services from professionals, they will perform the following activities:

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting of entire house
  2. Deep cleaning of appliances like oven, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.
  3. Cleaning stain or dirt marks from tiles, kitchen countertops, taps, cabinets, etc.
  4. Cleaning or washing curtain or blinds.
  5. Dusting of furniture items and thorough vacuuming and mopping of floors including hallways and stairways.
  6. Deep cleaning of kitchen and bathroom to make them germ and dirt-free.
  7. Cleaning windows of the entire house both from inside and outside to make them spotless

The professionals of the company use industry-standard tools and equipment for cleaning and disinfecting the entire property. A team of professional cleaners usually clean the entire house in one day or two. They bring their own tools and equipment and prefer carrying out the cleaning task when the property is empty.

The professional end of tenancy cleaning company in London follows a standard approach while cleaning the house. They have a checklist of the entire task and take one room at a time, clean it completely before moving to another room or area. Once they clean the entire house, a supervisor inspects the entire house and confirms that all the tasks mentioned in the checklist are performed in the right manner. Once he approves the cleaning, companies ask clients to check the entire house. If clients are unsatisfied with any cleaning task, the companies re-perform the task to their satisfaction.

Is Professional Cleaning Necessary to Hire?

Of course, not. Tenants are under no compulsion to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company in London; if they have time and want to save money, they can clean the property themselves. Usually, it is a trend that tenants prefer hiring a professional company so that they can save their time and energy for relocation and other important tasks. As per the tenancy clause, they know that they will get their 100% deposit back only when the house is in perfect condition. They comprehend the fact that the manual cleaning, sometimes, does not give 100% satisfactory results which eventually mean not getting the entire deposit money. Therefore, tenants avoid taking such kinds of risks.

How to proceed in case of doing end of tenancy cleaning manually?

In case, you have decided to perform the end of tenancy cleaning manually, you need to keep the checklist and contract safely shared by the landlord till the time you stay in the property. The contract and the checklist contain detailed information about the property condition, photographs of the property, and inventory available in the house before your move-in.

Take out the list and make sure to leave the property in exactly a similar manner. Once you have done a thorough end of tenancy cleaning, take the photographs and shared them with your landlord. If he is satisfied with the quality of cleaning and disinfection, he will give your deposit back and if he is not satisfied, hiring services from a reputed end of tenancy cleaning company in London would be your last resort.

So, think wisely before making your final decision!


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