With time, grime and pollutant marks accumulate slowly on the windows. You can relax till the times these marks remain invisible but once they start obstructing outside’s views and blocking the sunlight, you need to get into the action of window cleaning.  If you know the right technique and have the right set of tools, you can easily clean your windows and make them spotless. Many people clean house windows once in every fifteen days whereas some clean windows once or twice annually. The latter category strongly believes hiring professional window cleaning services in London is the best possible way to get house windows clean in an effortless manner. However, if you fall in the first category, this guide will definitely help you.

There are few basics which you need to remember strongly and act accordingly to get satisfactory results of window cleaning. These basics are as follows:

  1. Choosing Cloudy and Dry Day: If you have chosen a sunny day for window cleaning, you will find it extremely difficult to remove streak marks. It is because the scorching heat will dry the cleaning solution fast, thereby making your job altogether more difficult.  So, always choose a cloudy or dry day for cleaning windows.
  2. Safeguarding Floors: The foremost important thing is to protect your floors while doing internal window cleaning. So, first of all, remove the carpet and lay down an old bed sheet on the floors. This will prevent floors from getting wet and damaged. While cleaning and washing windows, you need to be extra careful so that internal walls do not get wet.
  3. Removing Furniture Items: Start with window cleaning tasks by taking one room at a time. Remove all furniture items from the room especially from the floors so that you can perform the cleaning without any obstruction.
  4. Removing Dirt First: Have you ever observed the technique of window cleaning service providers in London? They always remove dirt and dust from the windows by sweeping windows sills, frames and glasses with a brush. This results in putting less effort when cleaning windows from the right solution. Avoid using squeegees or T-bars for removing dirt and dust as not every person can use and handle them rightly. And inadequate usage may give rise to drip factor and increase your cleaning task multiple times.
  5. Preparing Solution: Now, you have two choices. Either to buy an eco-friendly window cleaner from the marketplace or prepare a homemade solution. The choice is yours! If you are choosing the second option, you need to pick the right detergent also. The combination of warm water and dish soap works excellent on cleaning grime, streak and dirt marks. If the windows are extremely grimy, prefer adding ammonia or vinegar to the solution. If you are planning to clean windows of the entire house in a day, prepare the solution in a large quantity in a bucket.
  6. Using Towels or Newspapers: Once you have cleaned the windows, sills and frames with detergent, then you should wipe them with a soft cotton cloth. Some people prefer using newspapers at this point of time but it is not a good choice. The reason is many times; the ink of the newspaper is darker than the standard tone and contributes to streaking. So, it is better to play safe and use a soft cotton cloth. Here is the tip of cleaning with cloth: Wipe down once in a vertical direction and then horizontally on both sides of windows.

With these easy steps, you can easily clean windows both internally and externally if you are staying in the ground floor of a building. However, if you stay on the second or above floor, you need to hire professional window cleaning services in London to get 100% dirt-free windows.

When to Call Professionals?

You should seriously think to call a professional window cleaning company in the following cases:

  • If you have no ladder or have a ladder but have no experience of cleaning windows externally
  • If you find some windows of your house simply hard to reach.
  • If your work schedule does not allow you to clean windows manually.
  • If you are not satisfied with your window cleaning results.

So, the decision is yours- Whether to call professional window cleaners at one go only or try cleaning windows manually. If you are choosing the former option, choose such a company that is insured and has good reviews in the market.


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