Terms & Conditions


As much as we are putting the whole heart and soul into our job there are some regulations upon customer-service relation,

for business and most important for our hard working cleaners health and safety reasons.

If you wish to discuss any of this, please do not hesitate to send an email.

Please read carefully.

Unless agreed differently - this conditions will apply from our first service and will have effect until the completion of it when both parties agree on the date. Because of health and safety purposes CNP Cleaning services reserves the right not to:

clean pets excrements

clean outside of windows,

climb higher than 3rd hight of foot stool,

move heavy furniture

wash inside of bins

clean blood, vomits etc

CNP Cleaning Services  will not take responsibility for damages caused by improper or faulty instalations of items (eg.heavy painting hanging on 1 small nail and moving when cleaned), any other damages caused by companys staff will be fixed or replaced by company as per liability insurance up to 1mln GBP - to avoid unclear situations the client will inform the company about damages in 24hours from the last cleaning.

The staff has the right to take before and after photographes for company marketing purposes and daily quality reports to quality controller. Company reserves the right to use the photographs to investigate damages or potential complains.

Usual charge is caunted individually, as per location, service, condition of the property etc.

Customer will be informed before the service about the estimated price. The rate may increase due to national wage increases or business related reasons. Customers in this case shall be informed with reasonable notice. Some services may be calculated per service.

All staff will be vetted and fully trained to follow company cleaning systems before taking care of clients property.


In the event that client wish to cancel his cleaning appointment, they will do so with 3 days notice. This is extremely important for the company cleaning staff rotas to be calculated ahead and deliver the best service for all customers without unexpected delays and changes. Any of them changes shall be reported ahead and all customers can be informed about them in advance as well.

Cancellation notice from clients shorter than 3 working days will result in a charge of 10 GBP fee.

Notice provided within less than 48 hours or not providing keys, codes, gates/doors open / parking space or proper form off acces to the property when cleaners arrive we will be forced to charge a fee of 100% of usual payment even if the service is not delivered as a result.

CNP Cleaning Services  believes that all the cancellation will be made with reasonable notices and no fees will need to be charged.

It is a backup solution only to take care our exeptional cleaners that have their day and travelling times sheduled as well as expenses (weekly budget) planned and any changes in their earnings may result in breech in companys good relation with our high quality standard providing cleaners.

We understand circumstances may change. In the event that either party wishes to cancel the service and terminate the agreement , that party will be required to provide at least 15 days notice to the other party. Failure to do so, to secure our cleaners money flow - this will result in termination fee what will be and equiwallet of 15 day usual service payment (eg.fortnite service 2hours each time= 4 x usual rate fee.)


Client will recieve invoice by email on same day as service is completed.

Client will be asked to pay the invoice until end of the week to keep the cashflow on proper track in the company.

For each day of overdue after 30 days, client may be charged additional 10% of payment due to business reasons.

Any fees will be charged ONLY by breech in Terms and Conditions and are only a subject as a backup for unfair treatment.

They are due to be paid within 30 days.

This period will include one reminder message.

On day 31 we are redirecting case to legal path for a Small Court to investigate.


Our team of cleaners are being fully trained / retrained with company quality systems. Customer will not hire any of our cleaners privately within five years from our agreement termination, If he will do so, liability fee will be charged.


Company is responsible to keep consistent hight cleaning standard with each time service is provided.

If there are lacks in quality standards,  company will either return to re-clean or charge only 50% of usual cleaning payment and staff will be warned and instructed in details what need to be improved.

It is higly desirable for customer to contact CNP Cleaning Services  in case of any lack of quality.