Professional Window Cleaning London

Professional Window Cleaning London

Cleaning windows manually is a tricky process that may take your entire day or two, and do not give satisfactory results. The reason is that not everyone knows the right technique and product for window cleaning. So, the easiest way to restore the sparkle and shine of dirty windows is to rely on professional window cleaning services in London. When people talk about professional window cleaning service providers in London, CNP Cleaning Services tops the chart. With over years of experience in the industry, our professional team knows how to deliver satisfactory residential and commercial window cleaning results in the entire London.

For us, our all clients are important. Therefore, we work closely with them, understand their cleaning requirements and offer them tailor-made cleaning solutions within their budget. Besides acting as a reliable professional window cleaning service provider in London, we also assist our clients with other kinds of cleaning like gutter cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, etc. So, disclose your requirements today and get pristine-clean windows in no time.

Advantages of Cleaning Windows Regularly

Grime or oil-laden windows not only block the sunlight but also deteriorate the overall look and feel of a property. On the other hand, pristine or grime-free windows allow natural sunlight to penetrate inside rooms, promote better air circulation and even provide excellent and clean views of the outside. To add further, clean windows often increase the appeal of the property. Even experts believe that well-maintained properties with clean windows fetch better resale value in the marketplace. Owing to all these factors, prefer hiring professional window cleaning services in London from us. We highly recommend book our window cleaning services in London once in a couple of months to keep your property in a good condition always. And if you live nearby commercial areas, hiring the services more often is advisable. Once you become our regular customers, we will make you happy with our excellent cleaning results and attractive discounts.

Deal in Different Properties & Windows

We rate ourselves as the professional window cleaning service providers in London as we offer turnkey cleaning solutions. Whether you own a commercial property or residential and commercial both, we possess the right knowledge and modern tools to make windows sparkling like a new one. We have been offering residential window cleaning solutions to mansions, apartments and small houses. Both tenants and homeowners can call us for window cleaning services. When it comes to commercial window cleaning services, our portfolio is really impressive. We have offered commercial window cleaning solutions to all range of businesses ranging from real estate agencies, education institutions, commercial complexes, multi-storied buildings, hotels and restaurants.  Therefore size of a building cannot stop us from offering reliable, effective and quick cleaning results.

We comprehend that different buildings in London comprise different kinds of windows. We value the fact, and therefore feel pride to announce that we have cleaned the following kinds of windows in different buildings:

  1. Sash Windows
  2. Velux
  3. Skylights
  4. Conservatory
  5. Small and big bay windows
  6. Single and Double windows
  7. Glazed and Georgian windows
  8. Victorian windows

If your house has different kinds of windows, we are confident to make them spotless also.  Feel free to share these important details during the initial conversation.

How our Professionals Work?

We believe in maintaining complete transparency in our business dealings, and thus aim at sharing every important piece of information prior to cleaning task. Based on the scale of the cleaning job and nature of complexity, some trained window cleaners will arrive at the cleaning site.  For cleaning windows internally, filtered-water, squeegee, T-bars, bucket, eco-friendly cleaning solution and soft cloth is used. We will remove the fragile and precious belongings of customers from rooms and re-arrange them after the completion of cleaning job. For external window cleaning services in London, the team either uses a ladder or water-fed poles along with the aforementioned cleaning tools. The team cleans windows up to the second floor of a building with ladders and extension poles are used for cleaning high-rise windows.

Our cleaning team will bring entire range of cleaning tools and equipment in their van right from filtered water to water-fed extension poles. For cleaning high-rise windows, they primarily remove accumulated dirt and dust from windows by releasing purified water with a high pressure from the water-fed extension poles. The brush head attached at the end of the pole removes dirt from windows’ glasses, frames and sills and even from hard to reach places. With the help of extension poles, our cleaners can clean windows up to 23 meters, which is equal to the fourth storey of a building. This process is repeated twice in case of extremely dirty windows and then they are left to dry naturally. Because purified water contains no chemicals or mineral residues, therefore you will observe spotless windows as soon as they become dry.

Usually, customers ask us “how long will window cleaning service take”? This is one question which our experienced window cleaners can answer only after looking at the property, numbers of windows require cleaning, their existing condition and accessibility. Rest assured, when you hire our window cleaning solutions in London, we aim at giving 100% satisfactory cleaning results quickly.

Reasons to Rely on our Window Cleaning Services in London

Competitive Pricing: Many window cleaning service providers charge the window cleaning prices based on the area in which a customer resides or based on the complexity of work. But we are different and neutral also. Regardless of the complexity of the work and area of residing, we follow a transparent pricing policy. Our inspection team will come to customers’ offices or houses; inspect the entire building, count the number of windows to clean and consider many other factors and then share the quote with them. Rest assured, you will find our quotes the most competitive in the marketplace. In case any professional window cleaning service in London beat our prices, we are ready to match with it. When a customer initially contacts us, we will share an estimated quote. Once we complete the inspection, we share with them the onsite quote which is the final price.

Experienced Cleaning Staff: We assign window cleaning tasks to those staff members only, who are professionally trained to handle all kinds of windows in different climatic conditions. Our window cleaning services in London are second to none as our new employee also possesses over 5 years of experience in window cleaning. Therefore, comprehensively trained staff completes every range of window cleaning services with perfection. Moreover, as they are professionally trained to clean windows at different heights, the chances of accidents seldom arise. Feel free to check our service record.

Using Right Equipment: Anyone can clean the windows of a house manually also but results are not always satisfactory. It is because a common man does not know the right tools and techniques of removing the dirt or grime marks from windows. We aim at offering visible window cleaning results by using the latest cleaning equipment and technology. Our trained staff carries scores of cleaning equipment right from squeegees, T-bars, buckets, ladders, eco-friendly window cleaning solution, filtered water, etc., to deliver highly satisfactory window cleaning results in one attempt only. Because we use the right cleaning tools and equipment, therefore no job is too big or complex for us.

Cleaning with Property Care: Though our main line of business is window cleaning, we give due importance to the personal property of our clients while performing our duties. We remove furniture items and other property items placed nearby window sills while cleaning windows to avoid any accidental and property damage. After the cleaning task gets finished, we place all properties at their designated place before leaving for the day. Similarly, we do the thorough inspection while cleaning windows externally and start the work after removing all obstacles.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods: We value not only our customers but our environment as well. Therefore, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions wherever and whenever possible. For instance, for cleaning every kind of window of every building we use purified water and eco-friendly cleaning solution.  The chemical-free water does not leave any streak marks on windows and green cleaning solution does not dry or cause allergy to hands. The 100% cleaning results are bound to achieve as we use high-quality cleaning methodologies and equipment. This is our promise!

Available 24*7: No need to look at a calendar for booking our professional window cleaning services in London. We work on all days of week and even overnight if need arises. We have cleaned windows of residential buildings on weekends and public holidays without any hesitation. Similarly, we have cleaned windows of commercial buildings both during the day and the night time as per clients’ requirements. So, we are there to offer cleaning solutions 24*7*365. Do not believe us blindly; book our services on Sundays and experience the results!

Easy to Reach in any Location: No need to look for different service providers if you stay at Edgware and have office in Chelsea. We are present everywhere. As a leading professional window cleaning service providers in London, our area of operations is far and wide. You name any prime location in Location and we are there to serve you. Some of the areas in which our customers can avail our window cleaning solutions are Luton, Islington, Stanmore, Wembley, Brent Cross, Hampstead to name a few.

Scheduling Cleaning Services: Sparkling windows not only look pleasing to eyes but give your property a wonderful look as well. However, after a few months of deep cleaning, you may observe accumulation of dirt and grime marks. Instead of calling us, we will reach by sharing monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually window cleaning service reminders with our both domestic and commercial customers. This saves them from remembering when the next cleaning is scheduled.  We will memorize all and happy to service them in the times of need!

Except intense rain, we are trained to carry out professional window cleaning services in all areas of London in different weather conditions. So, no need to consider season for availing our services. Simply call us and get windows super clean.

Why Purified Water?

We are not surprised to hear that you get confused after listening purified water. Many people believe that regular water is as good as purified water for cleaning windows. But it is a myth. The purified or filtered water is free from chemicals and mineral residues. Cleaning windows with regular water does leave behind spots that become visible after a day or two. These spots do not give impression of clean windows. But no such problem arises with filtered water. It gives streak-free results for several months.

How to Get Window Cleaning Solutions from Us?

Step 1: Contact us to book an appointment. Choose the window cleaning service and your convenient day and time.

Step 2: Once we accept the booking, our trained window cleaners will arrive at your doorstep and ready to handle entire task related to window cleaning.

Step 3: As per your property structure and kinds of windows, professional cleaning team will use industry-standard tools and equipment and start the cleaning task.

Step 4: Get pristine clean windows as soon as they complete their cleaning jobs. Rest assured, when you hire professional window cleaning services in London from us, windows will remain spotless for months.

Book our Window Cleaning Services in London Today!

We give our customers 4 options to reach to us.

  1. They can call us at 07442048821 for discussing their requirements and to obtain a non-obligatory free quotation;
  2. Fill our online contact form and try to fill as many information about your property as possible;
  3. Email your requirements at;
  4. Lastly, pay a visit at our office and discuss your requirements in-person.

Just remember our window cleaning services in London are only a call away. To know our prices for commercial and residential window cleaning and making bookings, call us today!