What is one thing that can change the overall look and feel of your office or any space? It is the presence of clean windows paving the way to natural sunlight. A room will look light and bright only if it has clean windows allowing the sunlight to transform its appearance. On the other hand, the same room will look dingy if the windows are full of grime, dirt, and oil marks. So, invite the beauty back into your office or space by hiring a professional window cleaning company in Wembley, London.

It is not wrong to say that one can plan cleaning windows of a house manually but when it comes to office, commercial window cleaning services are a must to avail. The reasons are two:

  1. Mostly, commercial offices have multiple and high-rise windows. For a common person, it is not possible to clean them as it involves a great deal of time and energy.
  2. Second, he does not have specialized tools and equipment for cleaning them.
  3. Third, the risk factor is very high for cleaning windows of a commercial building.

Due to all these reasons, people look for less risky and more practical options like hiring a professional window cleaning company in Wembley and availing their services.

Why Professional Cleaning is Best?

The professionals are trained to clean high-rise windows of commercial buildings like restaurants, commercial complexes, theatres, schools, etc. They use the latest technology and tools along with 100% purified water for cleaning windows. For instance, for cleaning glass roofs, signage and canopies and skylights, water-fed pole systems are used. Using the water-fed poles system is not only cost-effective but also considered as an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Some professionals either use cradles or mounted platforms for performing the cleaning task with perfection. Using rope is another method for cleaning high-rise windows.

The height and complexity of the building structure are the two factors that play an important role in determining which cleaning method to use. A professional, reputed and well-established window cleaning company in Wembley, London can easily determine which method to use for cleaning windows of a particular building.  Last but not the least, these professionals arrive on time, complete their tasks and leave the site by causing minimum disruption.

Cleaning Tools Used

Some of the cleaning tools that professional window cleaning companies in Wembley used are as follows:

  1. Bucket for preparing a mixture of filtered water and eco-friendly cleaning solution.
  2. Filtered water is used for making windows spotless. However, professional cleaners use lukewarm or cool water even during the winter season. The reason is hot water may break the glass, therefore using cool or lukewarm water is a safe option.
  3. Squeegees to wipe the dirty water and making windows streak-free.
  4. T-bars for splashing water on windows.
  5. Towels of soft cloth for doing final polishing on windows after cleaning them.

Safety Tools Used

Even the safety of window cleaners is important, therefore they use protective clothing and many other safety tools while performing the window cleaning job. These tools are as follows:

  1. Harness or Safety Belt: When window cleaners clean high-rise windows on a platform, they are under restriction to wear a safety harness. The reason is window cleaning in itself is a risky job and wind makes the job more difficult for professional cleaners. If in any area wind is blowing at the speed of 15 miles per hour or more, cleaners need to wear safety belts without any fault. The safety harness hooks to the building ensuring that a cleaner remains suspended in the air safely and for a long duration.
  2. Protective Gloves: Wearing protective gloves during window cleaning tasks is essential especially during the winter season so that hands do not freeze. However, window cleaners are free to wear gloves during any season so that they can perform the job without harming the skin of their hands.

Last but not the least, they always follow social distancing guidelines while cleaning the windows of a house or office both internally and externally. So, if you own a big commercial building in Wembley and are willing to avail professional window cleaning services, rely on the services of CNP Cleaning Services. The leading London-based company offers window cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning services at affordable rates. For more information, make your call today!




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